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Softhaus by Janice Wong

Ice cream is a staple across menus worldwide but can become an afterthought amid more glamorous plates. At The Dempsey Project we believe ice cream should be a showstopper and that is why we’ve teamed up with award-winning Chef Janice Wong to add her Softhaus ice cream to our menu.

Softhaus is anchored by high quality, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients which Chef Wong uses to produce just 16 carefully formulated flavours, six of which will rotate on The Dempsey Project menu. The first featured flavours of this exciting range will be comforting cookies and cream, tangy apple pie, smooth single origin Colombia 70% chocolate, delicate pistachio and fresh sorbets made from Yuzu and mango with passion fruit.

It’s not the full ice cream experience without toppings and inclusions and Softhaus puts the same passion into every choice and ingredient designed to complement your luxury dessert. Rainbow sprinkles, pink chocolate pearls, marshmallows, speculoos, ice gem biscuits, cones, and waffle bowls are all on offer to help you construct the perfect soft serve masterpiece.

Softhaus is an inclusive and responsible ice cream brand so you can enjoy plant-based milk options as well as sugar substitutes in its offerings. Whether as a dessert or a snack on its own, your taste buds deserve the delight of Janice Wong’s celebrated ice cream today.