The Great Spice Potluck - Moroccan Edition

Morocco, where dynasties rise, cultures meet and imperial cities juxtapose with the turquoise sea. Discover home-cooked recipes of one of the world’s finest cuisines in our Great Spice Potluck - Moroccan Edition, every Wednesday in January.

The heady aromas evoke striking images of bustling markets and terracotta buildings where tea is taken. Chef Mus Anerif leads your senses on a journey through the maze of alleyways, across the sweeping Sahara desert and high into the peaks of the Atlas Mountains. Our convivial community is transported from our Dempsey Hill oasis to a kasbah on the coast of North Africa through authentic meals served in decorative dishes.

Drawing from its unique position on the world map, Moroccan cuisine subtly blends the best of many cultural and culinary traditions. Diners will discern Berber, African, Arab-Andalusian and Jewish influences in the sumptuous dishes, where each mouthful sparks a taste sensation.

The Great Spice Potluck changes theme every month, treating our community to flavourful explorations of global cuisine. Join us for evenings full of friendship and nourishment.

Curated by Rhizlane El Rhomri and The Dempsey Project, Chef Mus Anesrif brings you on a journey through his secret recipes ranging from pastilla, tagine, couscous, kefta & sellou.


  • Wednesday 5 January, 2022 from 5:30pm onwards
  • Wednesday 12 January, 2022 from 5:30pm onwards
  • Wednesday 19 January, 2022 from 5:30pm onwards
  • Wednesday 26 January, 2022 from 5:30pm onwards

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