About Us


Never before has the world needed more integration and inclusivity than it does now.

Never before have people more eagerly yearned for an oasis to escape to, to reset and renew.

The Dempsey Project is precisely that. Nestled in the barracks of Dempsey hill where the nutmeg plantations once stood tall, it refuses to be put in a rigid box, simply because, no matter when you walk in and who with, you are stepping into a place that feels just right.As you settle into the communal dining space inside or in one of the wicker chairs outside,

The Dempsey Project vibe compels you to put your phone away and just relax. A quick look at the menu and you find yourself navigating a boundary-less world of cuisines - from the classic Avo on toast to the flavorful za'atar baked eggs and from wellness-infused Ayurveda khichdi to the slow cooked pork ribs, it doesn’t get more diverse and wholesome than this. If you’re gluten-free, vegan or on a paleo diet, you will not feel marginalized because a hearty offering awaits you too.



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