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    Farm: El Regalito / CO2 DECAF

    Region: Cuilco, Huehuetenango – Guatemala 

    Altitude: 1300 m.a.s.l.

    Varieties: Bourbon

    Process: Washed / Sun dried on raised beds

    Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, nougat with light citrus notes

    Produced by Arturo Villatoro

    Arturo is the third generation of coffee producers in the Villatorio family. He discovered his love for plantations and passion for growing coffee at an early age. The early exposure to the full growing process provided him with insights into coffee production and fuelled the enthusiasm that still drives his desire to produce the ingredients of a fantastic cup today.

    His farm El Regalito, lies in Aldea Hoja Blanca, 80km west of Huehuetenango, one of the key coffee-growing regions in Guatemala. Coffee is the only crop grown, with the other 120+ hectares remaining as forest land. 

    About CO2 Decaf process

    Description of the CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process (European patent no. 0316694, US patent no. 5135766).

    In 1988 CR3 developed their own patent for Natural Carbon Dioxide Decaffeination.  The raw coffee is soaked in filtered water causing it to swell.  From there it is transferred to a large 3 ton extractor vessel. Co2 is pumped in under subcritical conditions.  This is at relatively low temperature and pressure. The liquid Co2 selectively targets the caffeine while keeping other compounds intact.  The Co2 is in constant motion and carries the suspended caffeine away to a separating tank where it is cleaned and reused. Once the liquid has passed through fresh Co2 it is pumped through the vessel until caffeine residue is 0.08% or less.  0.1% is the minimum level to meet EU regulations for decaffeinated coffee. 

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