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Seggiano Grilled Peppers | 280g


Fresh, sweet bell peppers, lightly cooked that you can still enjoy their texture.

  • with extra virgin olive oil - no seed oils or cheap olive oil
  • Fresh, sweet Italian peppers prepared at harvest time
  • Peppers skinned by hand and prepared in the traditional way
  • Peppers roasted over volcanic rock coals

Superior quality grilled red peppers prepared by a family producer in Puglia and so lightly cooked that you can still relish their texture. Fresh, sweet red bell peppers are roasted over volcanic rock, then skinned by hand and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. They are a deliciously sweet and juicy addition to salads and sandwiches, or can be enjoyed as an antipasto snack on bruschetta.

Ingredients & Nutrients:

Grilled peppers 63%, extra virgin olive oil 34%, chilli, parsley, sea salt, vinegar, acidity regulator: lemon juice.

Store away from heat and light. Once open, keep peppers covered by the oil, refrigerate and eat within two weeks.