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LuftMaske Black with Pink Trims by Love Pangolin


Designed in Germany, this Luftmaske brings you style with function. Crafted from Egyptian Giza and Peruvian Pima the mask features the Worlds first Hemp based filter. The masks as well as our filter layers are treated with HealthGuard Technology.

The filter utilises the protective qualities of Hemp that include its inherent moisture-wicking and insulation properties which keep sweat and humidity at bay. Hemp also exhibits antimicrobial properties, is resistant to mould, and blocks out UV light.

1. Inspired by Airplanes
The design for these valves mimic the smooth curves of the fuselage. The valves act as a ventilation system for the mask allowing you to breathe easy

2. Decimate
These masks are treated with Healthguard AMIC technology

3. Thinking of You
The neck strap allows you to hang your mask on your chest when not in use

4. Breathe
Introducing the worlds first hemp based filter

5. Comfort in Design
Custom designed ear pieces reduce the pressure on your ears allowing you to wear the mask for longer periods

Package Content:

• Mask Shell
1 Air Filter
• 2 Air Valves
• 2 Ear Grips
• 1 Neck Strap
• 1 Travel Pouch
• Pangolin Goodwill