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Moringa Powder, Chemical-Free Lab-Tested by Amorearth 100g


This powder is a superfood, one of the best-known health supplements to mankind, no wonder it is called the Miracle herb, The reason why Two Brothers Organic Farms Moringa powder works so well is because it is grown in an organically certified orchard where we spray no chemicals and where the soil is very healthy and hence the plant is full of nutrition, the leaves are hand plucked, sun-dried, crushed and packed no addictive and no preservatives.

How to Use It

You can add moringa powder to your smoothie or drink it as a tea. The leaf powder was deemed safe in human studies, even in larger doses than normal. 

Moringa can have laxative effects in large quantities, so a safe dose to introduce it into your food or diet and avoid digestive problems is ½ to 1 teaspoon per day.