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Organic Lemon Pickle by Two Brothers


Handmade in small batches using ‘lacto-fermentation’ techniques


A sweet/sour preserve made using lemons


Lemons,Raw unrefined sugar,himalayan rock salt, spices.


Oil free pickle

No refined ingredients

Lacto-fermentation aids in digestion

Lemons are alkaline  and maintain a good ph balance in the body

High in Vitamin C

Helps in easing nausea

Usage info

A sweet spicy pickle is a must have condiment at home.It goes with every kind of carbohydrate staple; rice, roti or bread.

A hot paratha with curd and lemon rice is perfect comfort food.

Mix this uniquely flavoured lemon pickle into a cup of yoghurt for a healthy dip to eat with your favourite chips.

Upma with lemon pickle is an unbeatable pairing.

Toast a few slices of whole grain bread with some desi ghee on an iron tawa. Smear with a bit of lemon pickle and it’s a winner with that hot masala chai. 

Specific storage info

Store in a cool dry place.Ensure that no water gets in by easy of a wet teaspoon or damp hand while opening the lid.


Free from additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. No chemicals.