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Wellbeing Nutrition Grandma's Kadha - Ayush Kwath Immunity Booster | 15 Effervescent Tablets


Ayurvedic Kadha for Immunity, Cold, Cough, Sore Throat & Congestion |Immunity Boosters for Adults

A unique blend of 13 potent ayurvedic, organic and adaptogenic herbs & spices including turmeric (curcumin), tulsi leaves (holy basil), mulethi (liquorice), coriander (parsley), black pepper (piper nigrum), dry ginger, shankapushpi, echinacea, amla (Indian gooseberry), bharangi (blue glory), kulinjan (galangal), kalmegh (green chiretta) and adulsa (adhatoda/vasaka).

Usage: Just drop and dissolve an effervescent tablet in 250ml hot water for 1-2 minutes and experience the grandmas kadha on the go! 100% organic and made up with natural ayurvedic, healing ingredients and lots of love. Contains no added colours, sugars, flavours or preservatives.