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Explore the finest collection of thoughtfully sourced produce in Singapore.

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Community and culture come together at our exciting venue where a focus on fine foods and specialty beverages heightens the senses.

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Craving our freshly baked goods or specialty foodstuffs that can only be found at TDP? We can bring it to you. We prepare diverse dishes bursting with flavour for you to enjoy at home.

What’s on at The Dempsey Project

Discover innovative collaborations around food and drink.

Clarence Ling and the chefs of AllSpice Institute takes you on a journey through the old straits settlement cuisine.
Our happy hour offer welcomes sunset daily from 4pm til 6pm.
LETS CELEBRATE MRS KUEH’s Birthday Party with her cherished afternoon tea… It is where classic English tradition meets her imagination.

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These community favourites fly off the shelves every month.

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Oil, Vinegar & Dressings

Only the finest drizzle for your canapé or salad.

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