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Rare Tea Company Chinese Whole Leaf Green Tea


A meticulously hand-crafted Chinese green tea that has been made in the same way for over 3000 years. Pure, clean, soft and elegant. The antithesis of industrial, mass produced green tea.

Made from the soft new leaves of spring it is also known as White Monkey Paw (Baimao Hou).

25g Tin

Tasting Notes
The flavours are clean and bright with notes of fresh spinach and pea pods, complemented by a smooth, silky mouth feel.

Use 2g of tea per 150ml of water.

For the optimum infusion use 70°C (158°F) water.

Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly.

You can infuse this tea at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup
22p per cup based on 2g of tea per 150ml of water and 2 infusions.