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Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Cloche & Board


Handmade Serving Cloche & Cheese Board

Cheese should never be served fridge-cold and this cloche is the perfect way to lay out your cheese board and bring it up to temperature, whilst keeping it protected.

The handmade steel cloche and laquered acacia wood board will look fantastic outside on your alfresco dining table - providing the wow factor for your cheese course and keeping both pests and direct sun off. In the cooler weather, the cloche is equally stylish for your indoor gatherings - this clever way of presenting cheese allows you to bring it to the table and remove the cloche in a ta dah! moment. 

Our acacia wood is sustainably sourced from Thailand; under controls from the Thai Forestry Commission and the steel cloche is powder-coated to protect from corrosion, with low environmental impact. 

Designed with air holes within the cloche to allow your cheese to breathe and a fully removable wooden cheeseboard inside. Cloche measures 29cmD x 11.2cmH. 

The cloche is not suitable to be stored in the fridge. Handwash with soap and water.