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Seggiano Organic Taralli | 150g


These deliver the delicious crunchiness and flavours that make tarallini the go-to aperitivo nibble of Puglia, loved for their simple savoury goodness. Ours are handmade using quality local ingredients from that beautiful land on the heel of Italy - ancient grain wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and wine.

Our artisan producer uses stone milled organic ancient grains from Alta Murgia national park, freshly milled for each batch, and stone milled single-estate Coratina extra virgin olive oil.

Organic taralli, artisanally made using single-estate extra virgin olive oil from the Coratina olive and freshly milled ancient grains.

  • Stone milled organic ancient grains
  • From flour freshly milled for each batch
  • Made with stone milled single-estate Coratina extra virgin olive oil
  • Vegan and Yeast free