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Seggiano Organic Gluten Free Green Pea Fusilli | 250g


Life's too short for eating legume pasta with a dull flavour and stodgy consistency. the Seggiano found that only pasta crafted in the artisan tradition of bronze forming and slow drying at low temperature delivers the flavour and consistency worthy of a gourmet gluten free meal for all the family. This Seggiano gluten free organic pasta is made with 100% legume flour. Green pea pasta is high in protein and fibre, with a good consistency and delicious flavour. It can be enjoyed simply with just a drizzle of excellent extra virgin olive oil. Produced by a family business, using innovative combinations of corn, rice, buckwheat, legumes, quinoa & teff, our certified gluten free pasta range offers interesting nutritional variety and digestibility with delicious flavour.