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The Dempsey Project Signature Espresso Blend | 250g


A well-rounded blend with classic notes of toasted almonds and chocolate. Our signature espresso blend delivers a balanced espresso with toffee sweetness and mellow acidity. 

Recommended for espresso machine, automatic drip and stove top coffee maker. 

Costa Rica | Aquiares 60%
Varietal: Caturra 
Process: Washed 
Farm altitude: 1,400 masl  

Guatemala |  El Bosque 40%
Varietal: Bourbon / Caturra / Pache 
Process: Washed 
Farm altitude: 1,400 - 1645 masl 

About Aquiares, Costa Rica 
This lot comes from the Robelo family in Turrialba, Costa Rica. The city of Turrialba is an agricultural town in the Province of Cartago, where the farmers grow vegetables and sugar cane as well as coffee. 
This lot is 100% ‘Caturra’ variety – a cultivar that is grown extensively on the estate. Turrialba’s climate is well-suited to growing this variety which together with Aquiares' high elevation (upwards of 1,200 masl) create ideal conditions for producing quality coffee.
In order to thrive, high quality coffee requires specific growing conditions. However, these conditions are facing increased risks due to changing weather patterns resulting from climate change. As a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm,Aquiares is mitigating the effects of climate change by adapting their practices through strategies that aim to reduce water pollution, soil erosion, waste and water usage. Given that soil health is the most important factor for a successful farm,Aquiares adopts sustainable methods to naturally improve the farm’s volcanic soil.

In practical terms, this means that the organic matter from pruning and the leaf litter from the coffee and shade trees are left to feed soil microbes and provide organic nutrients which improve overall soil health. The diversified shade trees (over 40 species) also cool the ground, slowing the ripening of the coffee, which allows sugars from the mucilage to be fully absorbed by the bean, thus improving cup quality.
Coffee beans fromAquiares contribute to the espresso with toasted almonds flavours and toffee sweetness. 

About El Bosque, Guatemala 
El Bosque from Guatemala was founded in 1932 on a small plot of land in Guatemala’s western highlands. Today, the family-run farm is managed by four brothers of the Flores family, Julio, José, Francisco and Mario, who are 3rd generation coffee farmers. The farm is named El Bosque (meaning "the forest") because of the large beautiful shade trees that lie around the farm.

This lot from El Bosque adds rich chocolatey notes and body to the espresso with a creamy mouthfeel.